Welcome to the ECOTT(Eagle County Classrooms of Tomorrow-Today) wiki!

This wiki has been established to serve as a "tool box" for teachers to share their experiences, resources, and newly gained knowledge with the entire school district and the world. The ECOTT program is supported by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education under Title II, Part D of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (NCLB) - Enhancing Education Through Technology to the Colorado Department of Education and is funded through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Thank you to the Colorado Department of Education for approving and supporting this grant program in our school district.

Please feel free to look through or perhaps join our wiki to add your own knowledge and input.

E2T2 Grant Cohort

The E2T2 Grant Cohort is off and running! We have been learning new tools and methods of bringing 21st Century Learning experiences to our students. Click on one of the links below to see what we have been learning so far:

21st Century Learning Expo (21CLExpo)

Each year at the Motivation and Engagement conference for Eagle County Schools, we include a showcase of our own teachers who lead their colleagues through discovery sessions of new tools and ideas for the classroom. This set of sessions are aligned with the district 21st Century Skill Standards of Critical Thinking & Reasoning, Collaboration, Invention, Self-Direction, Information Literacy, and Globalness. In 2009, we held the first of what will hopefully be a long tradition for Eagle County Schools and the overwhelming response by teachers was, "We want more!". Here are the list of presenters and links to their resources:

Grades 9-12
Geoff Grimmer: Invention with Google Apps
Lisa Derse/Zach Fink: Critical Thinking with Promethean ActivExpressions
Barb Romersheuser, Stephen Miller, Penny Lofaro, Becky Pitman: Information Literacy Smackdown
Kathy Ferrel: Information Literacy with Primary Sources
Mary Ann Stavney: Globalness through Activism and technology
Matt Abramowitz:
Communication and Collaboration with VoiceThread in the k-8 classroom
Sara Snowwhite/Sarah Kleiforth: Collaboration using Google Docs and Ning
Stephanie Gallegos/Noel Falk: Using photo essays and blogs to achieve higher order thinking and sound reasoning.
Troy Dudley: Self Direction through Blogging
Marcie Gass/Pat Hollandsworth: Self-Direction with iPod Touches
Miles McGeehan: Low Tech and High Tech: Routines in Critical Thinking
David Russell: Invention using Google Apps and other web 2.0 tools

Year 1 of E2T2 Grant Complete

During the 2009-2010 school year, Eagle County Schools completed the first year of the grant with a cohort of 19 high school teachers. Here is the mid-year report which summarizes our efforts.

The first cohort also engaged in professional dialog using a Ning web site to blog and share information. This site can be found at http://classroomsoftomorrow.ning.com/